Steven Lloyd - National Decoy Information Centre
Canada's formost Authority on duck decoys.

Please feel free to e-mail me or call any time.


In the last 100 years “decoy” means many things to many different people.
To most is an artificial duck or bird carved of wood.
To hunters it is a tool required for successful waterfowling.
To Collectors it means a desired folk art.
To Antique dealers it is a supplemented income and a wonderful accent to country furniture.
To Steven Lloyd it is his life long study and passion.

If your decoy could talk!

A famous saying often is used when talking about decoys is
“If only this old bird could talk, imagine the stories it would tell” .

If you have enjoyed your decoys in your home or cottage, THAT’S GREAT but I’m sure you have wondered what all of us decoy owners have.

What about the history ?
Who made this decoy ?
Where is it from ?
Where has it been used ?
How did it get here ?
Why was it made this way ?
What kind of duck is it ?
Who owned it ?
Is it documented?
Who’s initials are on the bottom ?
Is it valuable ?
Would a museum want my decoy ?

Most of these questions can be answered, some easier than others.

You can start by sending a picture of your decoys to Steven. As a well seasoned world expert and Canada’s foremost Authority on decoys he can often answer many of these questions with a glance of your decoy.