Expert says: Your duck decoy could be worth thousands

Caption: Steve Lloyd, shown here with some of his antique wooden duck decoys at the Belleville Public Library, says he will appraise anyone's decoys to determine their true value.

Expert says: Your duck decoy could be worth thousands

Posted By Henry Bury (Belleville Intelligencer)

Those antique wooden duck decoys tucked away in people's homes could be worth thousands of dollars - or nothing at all.

Steve Lloyd would know the monetary value immediately and he's more than willing to share his expertise.

"I encourage people to find out what they have because, sometimes, they are extremely valuable," said the 52-year-old Oak Hills resident, an antique wooden duck decoy researcher and expert with more than 30 years experience in the history of waterfowling in North America and the Quinte area.

Lloyd, who has managed to collect a few hundred decoys over the years, had a display of some his prized possessions at the Belleville Public Library. The exhibit in the John Parrott Gallery continues for a few more days.

"My primary interest is to help people who still have old wooden decoys learn more about them," he said.

Lloyd said the first question most people ask about their decoy is whether it's valuable and, if so, how valuable.

"I need to see the decoy or a picture of the decoy to give them an idea what it's worth," he said.

The record price paid for an antique wooden hunting decoy was more than $200,000 for a one made by Belleville resident William Hart in the early 1920s.

"Decoys range in price from literally a few dollars to a few thousand, depending on such things as who made it, the condition and rarity of species," he said.

Lloyd said historical hunting decoys from the Belleville area have found their way into collections all over the world.

"I receive e-mails from different parts of the world on a regular basis on Quinte-area hunting decoys," he said.

Lloyd estimated there were about 20,000 wooden decoys used at any one time throughout the Quinte area in the early 1900s.

"Probably less than 1,000 of these quality decoys are left in homes, garages and barns," he said.

And his advice to anyone with decoys at home?

"Don't omit the fact that they are old decoys but that they are a collectible art form that would be worth thousands of dollars," said Lloyd.

Lloyd can be reached at 613-922-7000 or e-mail him at

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